O ur database development and market identification services are THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY. Mueller International provides unbeatable services for identifying qualified buyers, Class "A" leads, and Mega Deal Opportunities. Here's why:

    We have perfected the information gathering, research and profiling processes to such a degree of precision that we can make this claim: We can identify 100% of the qualified buyers that exist in any market for any product, service or solution you market. We can guarantee the data to be entirely accurate. These are NOT bingo lead, literature collector, tire-kicker types, but totally qualified, interested Class "A" buyers that match YOUR profile of a qualified opportunity…that have money to spend, etc.

    For qualified companies, we reveal our database development technology, information gathering, and executive profiling processes that enable us to reach anyone.

    You solely own all database development services provided for your company. No one has access to your information system except authorized individuals in your organization.

    We provide the data in any format requested and interface with your existing IT systems. If those systems are non-existent, we provide the IT systems interface for you.

    Identification of 100% of the qualified Class "A" Buyers and Mega Deals in the market requires complete expertise in each of the following skill sets listed below. Mueller International provides services in each of these areas:

    Access to Worldwide Information Systems
    Class "A" Profile Characteristics and Definition (Identification of)
    Client Database Access System
    Data Formatting
    Decision Maker Identification
    Executive Profiling
    Getting Through the Gatekeepers
    High Potential Account Identification
    Information Technology (IT) Systems Setup
    In-house Database Integration Services
    Integrated Sales and Marketing System Database Development
    List Research
    List Source Identification
    List Verification
    List Acquisition
    Marketing Database Software Development
    Marketing Database Consulting and Strategic Planning
    Mega Deal Identification
    Merge/Purge Processes
    Ongoing Marketing Database Maintenance
    Opportunity Qualification
    Purchasing Dynamics Assessment

    All databases are customized for our clients. No two databases are alike. Each database has hundreds of fields of information on each opportunity in the market. We've included in this Web site section a partial record layout for your review so you can see what we mean by a database that gives you complete access to 100% of the Class "A" buyers in your target markets...worldwide.

    To receive further information on how to identify 100% of the qualified buyers that exist in your market, or if you need help with any aspect of database development, market identification, Class "A" lead generation or Mega Deal identification, fill out our Web Response Form.

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