Mueller International has more than 150 senior market analysts and marketing consultants on staff that conduct primary market research in one-on-one interviews with qualified decision makers in the target market(s) of interest to our clients. Studies are conducted on a customized, proprietary basis for each client.

    Each day, clients bring to us their most challenging business and marketing problems. Where are the Mega Deals in the next 90 days? Where are the new markets? What's the optimum plan to achieve this year's sales goals? What's the sales closing process that will overcome a tough competitor's win rate? What are the right distribution channels and how should they be recruited and activated? What's the correct positioning and offering? What's the strategy for taking market share from the market leaders?

    To answer questions like these, Mueller International has developed a unique and proprietary market research approach that defines the correct and workable marketing plan for each client. Our research methodology not only provides information about what the market thinks, it goes a step beyond to provide the information needed to create "actionable plans." Our clients aren't left with a nice-looking bound book of statistics that sits on a shelf. Our clients are provided with detailed action plans, a road map, that can be implemented to achieve the desired goal. This results in a market-driven marketing plan.

    Extensive consulting practice and vertical market expertise exists in each of the following market segments.

    Vertical Market Experience (Partial Listing)
    Chemical and Petrochemical
    Consumer Packaged Goods
    Finance and Insurance
    Government (Federal/State/Local)
    Health Care
    Manufacturing (Discrete/Process)
    Travel and Entertainment
    Wholesale Distribution

    A Secondary Research Analysis is conducted, reviewed, analyzed and critiqued in conjunction with all Primary Market Research Studies. Focus Group studies are also conducted upon request.

    The Mueller International market research methodology encompasses a wide range of product development, marketing and sales productivity issues. Mueller International provides extensive market research and consulting services in each of the following areas (partial listing):

    Advanced Research
    Advertising Effectiveness Research
    Channels Research
    Competitive Research
    Concept, Copy, and Offer Testing
    Customer Perception Research
    Infrastructure Planning Research
    Luminaries Research
    Market Awareness and Perception Research
    Market Needs Assessment
    Market Potential Analysis
    Marketing Mix Research
    Media Research
    Messaging Research
    Naming Research
    New Product Development Research
    Opinion Leader Research
    Positioning Research
    Pricing Research
    Product Development Research
    Purchasing Dynamics Research
    Response Motivation Research - Message Identification
    Sales Channels Research
    Sales Conversion Research
    Sales Process Research
    Strategic Business Planning Research
    Trends Research
    Win/Loss Analysis

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