In addition to moving existing products, services and capabilities for a client, Mueller International also specializes in new product development strategies and implementation tactics—bringing new products to market rapidly and efficiently. Our services enable us to help guide our client's product development and strategic planning processes.

    Working closely with our clients' R&D, engineering, and product marketing organizations, we provide the window to the future, enabling companies to know in advance, which products, services, solutions and technologies will enjoy the greatest demand from the constantly evolving marketplace. We can predict new markets for products, services and solutions.

    We provide the complete implementation process for "how to go to market." So we're much more than planners, we're also implementers – and work side-by-side with your implementation teams. We understand how to assist clients with creating the optimum product development process in each of the following areas (partial listing):

    Alpha Testing
    Ancillary / Aftermarket Products / Services
    Best Case / Worst Case Scenario Planning
    Beta Testing
    Build vs. Buy Partnerships / Acquisitions
    Business Proposition
    Capacity Planning
    Channels Planning Strategy
    Class "A" Lead Definition
    Compelling Reasons to Buy
    Competitive Analysis
    Core Competency Review
    Customer Service
    Design Lifecycle
    Development Agreement
    End of Product Life Planning
    Engineering / Financial "Calculus"
    Exit Strategies
    Full Product Development
    Functional Design Document
    Gross Margin / ROI
    Horizontal Market Planning
    Identification of Product Types (Internal and External to Industry)
    Internal Design Specifications
    International Standards (e.g., Manufacturing, Safety, Environmental, etc.)
    Marcom Planning and Strategy
    Market Identification / Segmentation
    Market Projections
    Mid-Life Product Kickers
    Pricing / Demand Elasticity
    Product Audit / Modify
    Product Differentiators
    Prototype (Development and Field Test)
    Purchasing Dynamics
    Qualitative Research
    Quantification of Risk / Payback
    Quantitative Research
    Quantitative Research Databases (of End-Users, Luminaries, Internal,
        Channels, OEMs, Distributors, Dealers (VADs), Resellers (VARs),
        Independent Rep. Organizations, Mass Merchandisers, Internet,
        and Other Channels Segments)
    Sales Conversion Process
    Schedule and Build Plan
    Shared Risk / Shared Reward
    Selling Process
    Tooling Requirements
    Training Requirements
    Value Propositions
    Vertical Market Planning

    Please review the Integrated Product Development System flowchart to view the graphical representation of this process.

    This process also applies to services. Please review the Integrated Service Development System flowchart to view the graphical representation of this process.

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