Mueller International develops and implements Sales Conversion Technologies and Sales Training Programs for domestic and international sales and marketing teams. The development and implementation of the optimum sales process, which includes the programs, tactics and strategies that result in higher win rates and shorter sales cycles, is a proven technology, fully documented in the Sales Conversion Technologies developed by Mueller International.

    More than 2000 case studies exist of client programs in action, including specific sales processes that bring in and close the Mega Deals. Provided below is a master list of numerous sales closing programs and processes that have been identified as the ones to replicate or enhance.

    Mueller International has developed Sales Conversion Programs (+) for each of the Areas For Improvement (-) identified in the implementation of sales consulting services for our clients. More than 2000 programs have been documented, resolved, and perfected for clients. We can guarantee we'll increase the win rates and shorten the sales cycle timeframes for any company.

    Sales Conversion Programs (+)

    Advancing the Sales Cycle Through Proper "Next Steps" Planning
        and Implementation
    Asking for the Order
    Board of Directors Breakthrough
    Brand Recognition (Establishment of)
    Broadening Penetration (While maintaining established support)
    Budget Problem Management
    Building and Communicating Value Propositions
    Case Studies (Techniques for handling)
    Coaching and Supporting the "Internal Advocate"
    Collateral Fulfillment Programs
    Compensation Plans
    Competitive Selling Strategies
    Competitors' Sales Practices
    Continuous Sales Representative/Administrator Interface
    Correct Distribution Channel
    Customer References (Techniques for handling)
    Decision Inhibitors (Identifying and handling)
    Decision Maker Breakthrough
    Decision Maker Identification
    Decision Process Definition (Finding the "real" power structure)
    Defining the Optimum Selling Processes (Unique for each client)
    Early Entry in the Sales Process
    Early Prediction of New Markets
    Establishing Market Leadership in Targeted Accounts
    Executive Breakthrough Strategies (By percentage)
    Executive Presentations
    Handling Account Organization Restructuring
    Handling the Gatekeepers (Administrators/Executive assistants/Secretaries)
    Identification and Development of a Champion in the Account
    Identification and Development of Unique Selling Propositions
    Increasing the Value Proposition
    Information Gathering Processes for Proposal Preparation
    Intra-Account Reference Selling
    Making the Transition from Closing the Deal to Effective Delivery
    Market Awareness Programs
    Meeting Strategy Planning Sessions
    Mega Deal "SWAT Team" Approach
    On-Site Proposal Managers
    Positioning (Creating new brand identities/overcoming established brand
        positions & mindset)
    Pricing Programs
    Product Design (Feature, function, fit, quality)
    Proper Sales Support Infrastructure
    Prospect Profiling and Needs Assessment
    Public Relations Programs
    Purchasing Dynamics and Organizational Flowcharts by Account
    Recruiting Plans, Programs and Requirements
    ROI Schedules/Cost Justifications
    Sales Training
    Scheduling Appointments
    Scheduling Next Steps
    Selling Process Planning Guides
    Selling/Presentation Aids
    Single Account Penetration Programs
    Specifying and Driving the RFP Process
    Standards (Creating, establishing, adoption of)
    Strategy Mapping (Matching sales messages to the account's
        business strategies)
    Taking Responsibility for What New Decision Makers Think
    Techniques for Getting Through Voice Mail
    Techniques to Reach Executives
    Win/Loss Analysis/Sales Optimization Actions

    Areas For Improvement (-)

    Being Half-Hearted in Asking for the Order
    Breaking Through to Fewer Decision Influencers than Your Competitors
        in the Account
    Dropped Balls on Continued Interface with Prospects
    Failing to Parallel a Restructuring Within a Target Account
    Failing to Understand Newly Emerging Markets or Rapid Shifts in
        Old Markets' Attention
    Failure to Create "The Business Case"
    Forgetting to Advance the Sales Cycle to the Proper "Next Step"
    Inadequate Case Studies to Build Credibility
    Incomplete Sales Training
    Incorrect Identification of True Decision Makers
    Ineffective Public Relations Programs, Results in Poor Press
    Lacking an Understanding of the Optimum Selling Processes
    Late Entry in the Sales Process
    Maintaining Narrow Penetration in the Account
    Marketing's Failure to Establish Brand Recognition
    Missing "Closed Loop" Process that Uses Win/Loss Analysis to Improve
        Sales Processes
    Missing Decision Process Definition (Not finding the "real" power structure)
    Missing Infrastructure to Provide Proper Sales Support
    Missing Intra-Account Reference Selling
    No "Internal Advocate" in the Prospect's Account
    No Communication of Unique Selling Propositions
    No Direct Reprisals for Competitors' Sales Practices
    No Intra-Account Reference Selling
    No Market Leadership Established in Targeted Accounts
    No Mega Deal "SWAT Team" Approach
    No On-Site Proposal Managers
    No Selling Process Planning Guides
    No Single Account Penetration Programs
    No Standards (Creating, establishing, adoption of)
    No Strategy for Handling the Gatekeepers
        (Administrators/Executive Assistants/Secretaries)
    No Strategy Mapping (Matching sales messages to the account's
        business strategies)
    No Techniques for Getting Through Voice Mail
    No Techniques to Reach Executives
    Non-Standard Sales Approaches, with No Proactive Replication of
        Successful Actions
    Not Recognizing the Board of Directors as Potential Decision Influencers
    Not Specifying and Driving the RFP Process
    Not Taking Responsibility for What New Decision Makers Think
    Poor Preparation for Proposal - Missing Information Gathering Processes
    Poorly Understood Competitive Selling Strategies and Sales Practices
    Poorly Written, Unimpressive Proposals that Confuse the Prospect
    Presentations that Fail to Create Positive Competitive Differentiation
    Presentations that Insult or Underestimate the Intelligence of an
        Executive Audience
    Pricing that Makes Your Company Appear Expensive
    Product Design that Fails to Meet the Needs of the Target Market
    Rude, Abusive Personalities in Sales
    Sales Force Too Timid to Deal Effectively with Senior Executives
    Sales Rep Compensation Plans that Fail to Provide Proper Incentive
    Slow or Faulty Transition from Closing the Deal to Delivery
    Under-Representation at Trade Shows and Seminars
    Vague Articulation of Value Propositions
    Weak Customer References
    Weak, Unappealing, or Unprofessional Collateral Fulfillment Programs
    Wrong Distribution Channels

    Detailed data exists about each of these areas and how to improve, streamline, and eliminate problems from any one or all of these components of the sales and marketing process. The relevant and applicable data is customized to each organization's areas of need. Training programs are developed and implemented with the sales and marketing teams so that improved sales results are achieved.

    Every sales process can benefit from improvements. Substantial improvement in only three or four areas can result in dramatically increased sales closing ratios. The key is to know which ones apply to a specific sales process.

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