Mueller International has consulting practice expertise for all of the following distribution channels (see partial listing below):

    Direct Sales
    Inside Sales
    Systems Integrators
    Telcos / Network Service Providers
    Value-Added Resellers
    Mass Merchandisers
    Independent Software Vendors
    Independent Rep. Organizations
    National Retail Organizations

    Our expertise includes the identification of the proper distribution channels for each product, service and capability. We then recruit and activate the channels through our specialized marketing technology that creates immediate revenue and profitability with the selected channels partners.

    Companies normally look to their channels partners to be extensions of their own sales force, and to forward the same philosophy and "can do" attitude. So it's no wonder that they are bitterly disappointed when Dealers, VARs, Systems Integrators, etc., turn out to be passive and unmotivated – as well as completely disloyal, flopping willy-nilly back and forth between yours and your competitors' products.

    Integrated Marketing creates mindshare and loyalty in your channels partners. By driving your channels with a steady stream of qualified leads, you control your brand – and your destiny. Integrated Marketing ensures that you never abdicate responsibility for creating brand preferences, and that you effectively fill your channels' sales pipelines with the most critical sales opportunities in your/their market.

    Channels partners see very quickly that their relationship to you is like having a tiger by the tail – all they have to do is hold on. As hundreds of case studies show very clearly, this creates an atmosphere of total loyalty and commitment, as these partners realize that their relationship with you is a proven path to success.

    Overall, most companies do not fully understand the actual reasons why the sales people of their channels partners decide to sell a certain product to a certain prospect on any certain day. A manufacturer may believe that the channels partner is simply disloyal. The truth is that the decision is usually made by the whim of the actual salesperson. For the salesperson, it's a matter of what offers the fastest, most profitable and most painless way to close the business that day. Commissioned salespeople who sell multiple product lines know exactly who butters their bread.

    So the question becomes: How do you get the individual salesperson to believe that your product is the quickest route to a short-term sale? Many actions help accomplish this, but the best way to set it up is to provide those salespeople with fully qualified leads that create a less competitive, higher margin transaction, and to repeat this process often, in order to confirm the pattern, and produce higher earnings.

    In conjunction with this lead flow, there are 25 channels activation points that ensure your channels partners close deals for you.

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