Mueller International provides telemarketing, telesales and telecontact relationship management programs for clients. We function as a complete outsource for these services, or we train and set up internal departments for clients that want to run their call centers or telemarketing/telesales operations internally.

    International expertise exists on a worldwide basis.

    Mueller International enables each company to optimize the use of the telephone to reduce the cost of sales, increase sales overall, and achieve a competitive edge. The proper use of telemarketing, in conjunction with an Integrated Sales and Marketing System, enables companies to identify and create demand from 100% of their target markets, in any geographies pursued.

    For Telemarketing, Telesales, and Telecontact Relationship Management Programs, we provide services in each of these areas:

    Campaign Development
    Closing Techniques
    Closed-Loop System Management
    Communications Skills Training Programs
    Compensation Plans
    Customer/Prospect/Channel Relationship Management Programs
    "Four Steps of Sales" Telemarketing Process
    Hiring and Recruiting Techniques, Tips and Successful Actions
    "Hot Transfer" Programs
    Inbound Telemarketing
    Infrastructure Assessment
    Lead Generation Programs
    Lead Tracking Programs
    Management Training
    Market Research
    Mega Deal Identification
    Offer Testing
    Organization Management By Statistics
    Outbound Telemarketing
    Performance Metrics
    Program Development
    ROI Scenarios
    Sales Skills Training Program (Using the Telephone)
    Sales Support Function (Closed-Loop Marketing Process)
    Script Development
    Statistical Reporting
    Training Programs

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