To increase close ratios and shorten sales cycle time frames, Mueller International provides in-depth assistance to companies in the area of defining and implementing a Closed-Loop Lead Management and Sales Support System. This applies to all channels of distribution, both direct and indirect.

    Mueller International works closely with the sales representatives of our clients' direct and indirect sales organizations to provide the sales teams with the information, tools, and support they need to achieve high close ratios from all business opportunities in their pipeline. We function as an extension of the sales team, to increase their visibility and productivity in pursuing and closing Class "A" business opportunities and Mega Deals.

    An Integrated Sales and Marketing System applies a continual improvement process to all business, sales and marketing practices. All programs are managed and monitored, with performance and revenue figures obtained for each implemented program. The Closed-Loop Lead Management and Sales Support System includes the critical success factors for building a sales system to capture feedback, increase close ratios and reduce sales cycle time frames. Simultaneously, the ROI is calculated and the accuracy of the forecasting systems is substantially improved.

    Throughout the life of the program, Mueller International provides important administrative sales and marketing support services for client sales representatives in several areas. Each sales representative works with a dedicated Sales Support Relationship Manager who provides the sales executives with valuable support to facilitate greater close rates on the Mega Deals in the sales pipeline.

    The Closed-Loop Lead Management and Sales Support System addresses the following:

    Channels Development Strategies
    Class "A" Lead Definition
    Closed-Loop Lead Tracking and Feedback Programs
    Customer References
    Database Development
    Dealer Reports
    "Hot Transfer" Programs
    Inbound Call/Response Handling
    Inquiry Fulfillment
    Inquiry Qualification
    Lead Assignment
    Lead Distribution Systems and Protocols
    Market Identification
    Opportunity Debugging Services to Shorten Sales Cycles
    Proposal Content and Development
    Reporting and Statistics
    Response Handling
    Sales Consulting and Training Programs
    Sales Conversion Programs
    Sales Kickoff Events
    Sales Management Programs
    Sales Materials
    Sales Opportunity Generation Campaigns (Worldwide)
    Sales Presentations
    Sales Support Relationship Managers
    Scheduling Appointments with Qualified Prospects
    Selling Process Definition
    Territory Databases
    Territory Management Systems
    Trade Show Support
    Win/Loss Analysis

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