M ueller International works in partnership with its clients in the creation of their vision and business plans. We develop short and long-term business plans for our clients, beginning with 1, 3, and 5-year business plans. We also work on special projects that focus on specific areas (see partial listing below).

    Senior marketing consultants and consulting practice experts in your industry work with you to provide the expertise and services required. More than 150 senior marketing consultants and market analysts provide consulting practice expertise for each of the following vertical markets.

    Vertical Market Experience (Partial Listing)
    Chemical and Petrochemical
    Consumer Packaged Goods
    Finance and Insurance
    Government (Federal/State/Local)
    Health Care
    Manufacturing (Discrete/Process)
    Travel and Entertainment
    Wholesale Distribution

    All business plans and consulting recommendations are based upon a "Know Before You Go" philosophy that incorporates current primary market research and market validation studies to ensure the optimum plan and implementation strategies result from this process.

    The key to success lies in the development of a sound plan and vision. The development, implementation and communication of the right plan to the company, the market, and Wall Street ensures the ability to rapid launch products, services and solutions into new markets with optimum viability and growth.

    The Consulting and Research services that we offer support new product development, engineering, R&D, marketing plan development, and strategic business planning.

    Utilizing vital market intelligence information, we help clients build the business plans that will enable them to meet and exceed their corporate goals - including increased sales, market dominance, thwarting competitor encroachment, new technology development, and more.

    This process includes market identification on a worldwide basis. We help companies determine which products, services and capabilities to bring to the market, optimizing market windows and product lifecycles so that no major areas of opportunity are left untapped.

    Our Integrated Sales and Marketing System works because it is driven by what the target market tells us is needed and wanted. This market-driven approach to formulating business and marketing plans enables us to help our clients define what they should do today to move products, services and capabilities to market, as well as defining what new directions they should take for long-term business survival and growth.

    This vital strategic business planning process includes infrastructure planning requirements to support clients' business plans. We assist with key product development strategies, such as when to build versus buy, and selecting the right candidates for mergers, acquisitions, or strategic business partnerships. (See New Product Development.) We can predict future markets.

    Our marketing consulting expertise covers the full depth and breadth of the product development, sales and marketing process. Consulting expertise and services are provided in each of the following areas (partial listing):

    Business Plans
    Closed-Loop System Marketing
    Collateral Materials
    Compensation Plans
    Competitive Research
    Customer Service
    Database Development
    Decision Maker Identification
    Direct Marketing
    Distribution Channels
    End-of-Life Product Planning
         (Exit Strategies)
    Event Marketing
    Information System Development
    Infrastructure Planning
    Integrated Sales and Marketing System
    Market Identification
    Marketing Plan Analysis
         and Recommendations
    Market Potential Analysis
    Market Research
    Media Planning
    New Market Development
    New Product Development
    Primary Market Research
    Purchasing Dynamics
    Public Relations
    Sales Conversion Technology
    Sales Presentations
    Sales Process
    Sales Training Programs
    Secondary Research
    Telecontact Relationship
         Management Programs
    Trade Show Marketing
    Win/Loss Analysis

    A senior marketing consultant will contact you about any aspect of your business.

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