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Y es, we are here to service our clients with the highest quality and most effective services available in the world. Yes, we are here to make our clients make money so they can increase their survival potentialóand we take care of ourselves along the way.

But why do we exist?

We are here to help others and to make the world a better place in which to live. We believe that man is basically good, but that he can act badly.

We do not believe that the world must continue to get worse and that the general decay of civilization is just the way things are.

We know we can make a difference. We know we have made a difference. We know we will continue to make a difference.

We believe that those we help will survive better. That is why we care so deeply about creating long-term relationships.

We support all groups that are seriously dedicated to the betterment of mankind.

We are highly moral. We respect and honor hard work. We allow individuals to reach for and attain their greatest possible heights of accomplishment.

We believe that man is spiritual.

It is our intention to be a strong, stable, safe point for well-intentioned individuals and organizations.

We have helped on major initiatives on a worldwide basis. We have successfully lobbied for human rights, civil rights, the rehabilitation of education, environmental issues, and many other important causes around the world. From Washington D.C. to South Africa, to Germany, to Tahiti, and many other locales, we continue to be involved where it most matters. We fight oppressive governments, laws, and individuals.

Significant investment is devoted by the managing partners of Mueller International to organizations, manpower, and resources that are focused on making sure you have the right to live a decent life.

We intend to increase our influence in this regard as we grow, and to take an ever-increasing role in the global affairs impacting the world today.

There is a great deal of work to be done, but we oppose anyone who wants to quietly lie down and say that it can't be done. We have found, through the continued demonstration of competence over and over again, that we can handle anything. So we will.

Good people should have good, happy lives. Itís as simple as that.

Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than to help others.


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