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The Integrated Sales and Marketing System

All forms of marketing communications to your market including customers, prospects, channels partners, etc. should be integrated or blended to ensure a high-impact, consistent message that forwards the overall positioning that you have developed for your company and its products or services. When properly implemented, each marketing communication channel (advertisements, trade shows, direct mail, etc.) provides synergy to the others; each communication reinforces the others, building a compelling message of strength in the minds of your target market. No communications should confuse or otherwise detract from the position you are trying to establish with the market. (On the Integrated Sales and Marketing System Flowchart, this means integrating the marketing process from top to bottom.)

All marketing and sales processes exist on a continuum, all culminating in sold accounts, i.e., in closed revenue for your organization. All actions from database development, to market research, to the development and implementation of programs, to the handling of responses and fine-tuning of your sales approach all fit together in a tightly woven web, forming a closely knit marketing strategy. (On the Integrated Sales and Marketing System Flowchart, this means integrating the marketing process from left to right.)

Whether you sell through a direct sales force; through complex multi-tiered distribution channels such as value-added resellers, OEMs, dealers, distributors, mass merchandisers, or independent representative organizations; or direct by mail, telephone, or the Internet, the Mueller International Integrated Sales and Marketing System can be used to develop and optimize these selling channels.

As the first worldwide marketing organization to perfect the Integrated Sales and Marketing System, the system is so powerful that Mueller International guarantees the results of its programs.

To find out more about The Integrated Sales and Marketing System and the Mueller International programs that enable you to fully tap the power of this system, review this Web site in greater detail, review the graphical representations of the system in the Flowcharts section of the Web site, or Contact Us!

The Mueller International comprehensive suite of services encompasses the entire marketing and sales process. We can and are ready to help you!

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