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Q Can Sales Conversion Programs increase the win rates that my sales force is experiencing?

AYes. By identifying the common denominators of success in hundreds of sales cycles that have recently been conducted by you and your competitors, Mueller International is able to help you distill the precise set of actions that actually cause a win to occur. Conversely, we can identify the actions that "turn off" your prospects and cause you to lose sales. Once this essence of "win/loss" is established, it is fairly straightforward to design and institutionalize practices that replicate successful actions and eliminate unsuccessful ones. In many cases, this has improved the overall productivity of our clients' sales forces by as much as 600% and reduced the length of the sales cycle by as much as 65%.

For more information on how to increase win rates and shorten sales cycle time frames, review our Sales Conversion Programs.

Q How do you increase a sales closing ratio percentage in head-to-head competition?

AYou increase the win rate by implementing a Sales Conversion Program. Here, we begin by completing a very thorough analysis of a client's sales closing process and the sales closing process of the client's competitors. We investigate where a client has (1) competed and won, (2) competed and lost, and (3) where a deal closed in the client's target market, but the client did not get an opportunity to compete for the opportunity.

This process uncovers the precise set of circumstances that led to the company's current win ratio, and it reveals what programs, processes, strategies, and tactics need to be implemented to increase the win rate in head-to-head competition. The Sales Conversion Program also deals with the process for creating sole source opportunities so you can keep the competition out of the sales process altogether.

Mueller International has documented more than 2000 Case Studies of our client programs in action, including the winning sales closing strategies and tactics that bring in the deals. You can receive a presentation on our Sales Conversion Program technologies or a customized presentation from over 2000 Case Studies.

Q Do you offer
E-commerce solutions?

A Yes, Mueller International can offer E-commerce solutions that range from simple on-line ordering of a single service or product to state-of-the-art, secure, and completely automated multiple transaction shopping cart applications. Our innovative service provides a range of payment programs that work with the existing transaction systems of financial institutions to be easily incorporated into your existing structure. Our technology reduces fraud by checking multiple fields of information to confirm legitimacy of the on-line credit card transaction, as well as enabling state-of-the-art e-mail and credit card encryption if desired. Whatever the level of E-commerce you aim for, Mueller International has the effective solution for you.

Q Do you market internationally?

AYes. Mueller International conducts international programs for our clients and functions in 22 countries today. We have offices all throughout North America and Europe. We service our global accounts, including the Pacific Rim, from these locations.

For help with your international marketing, complete our Web Response Form and indicate the countries of interest to you.

Can one creative concept be used globally?

ANot usually. There are diverse cultural differences from country to country that can make an appealing message in one country very unappealing in another. One product, service, or solution line may have several different versions to accommodate a worldwide strategy. Understanding the key differences by geography, country, and culture is extremely important in driving maximum demand and sales for products, services, and solutions globally.

Mueller International has developed a proprietary creative process than enables us to "Know Before You Go" so that there are no surprises or embarrassments when implementing multi-national campaigns. In this way, the maximum demand possible can be generated from each region, country, and target market. This process includes in-person field testing in each region, one-on-one with qualified decision-makers in the target market. We can predict the outcome of campaigns before we implement them. We can incorporate market input into revised designs so that the program messages, graphics, and response potential can be fine-tuned for maximum impact.

If you would like a detailed presentation on the Mueller International creative development process, including case studies from multi-national campaigns, check out our special offers section of the Web site.

Where is your international team located?

AWe have international sales and marketing team members in each of our locations around the world. Based upon the programs you need and the countries where the programs will be implemented, a dedicated account team is assigned to service and implement the programs. We have large production facilities and consulting offices in North America and Europe, so many of our international team members are based in these locations. We establish additional offices wherever we have large centers of client activity.

All programs are implemented by nationals of the countries in which the program is being implemented. Also, all primary market research services that require face-to-face contact with qualified decision-makers are conducted locally, in their respective countries, by Mueller International employees that are nationals of the country in which the program is being implemented.

We do NOT broker the delivery of our services to other companies. All multi-national programs are conceived, developed, conducted, and implemented by employees of Mueller International. The international team represents more than 100 individuals worldwide. For help with your international marketing, complete our Web Response Form and indicate the countries of interest to you.

Q What is the cost per lead?

ACosts per lead vary based upon all the factors that influence a cost per lead, and there are many factors that influence this. For example, how many qualified buyers exist in the market for the product, service, or solution being promoted? Are there millions of qualified buyers or only 50 throughout the entire world? A fully-integrated outsourcing contract worth several billion dollars in revenue has a higher cost per lead than a low-end software product sold one-per-customer to consumers, or industrial component products sold for a few cents per component, but where several million are sold at one time. Also, what about the country in which the program is being implemented? There are different costs per lead in each program around the world since no two infrastructures are alike, and the infrastructure of a country also impacts the cost per lead. Other factors that influence the cost per lead include:
  • Program time frame
  • Lead volumes required within that time frame
  • Lead qualification characteristics (the number of parameters that define a Class "A" buyer)
  • Decision-maker functional title
  • Final decision-maker functional title
  • Status of company in the target market
  • Market share of company in the product, service, or solution line being marketed
  • Market awareness
  • Product life cycle (e.g., new product entry, mid-life product planning, or exit strategy for end-of-life product planning)
  • Pricing
This is just a small sampling of the factors that influence the cost per lead. The cost per lead could vary from a few dollars to several hundred and even thousands of dollars per opportunity.

If you would like help planning your cost per lead, we have perfected the planning process and can assist you with the specific plans, figures, and numbers that enable you to know the cost per lead for your program(s) anywhere in the world. Review our Special Offer #6.

Q Who owns the database you develop?

AYou do. Your company is the sole owner of all database information and information systems developed for your company. No other company or individual has access to the information system without specific authorization from you.

Databases and information systems reside in the formats requested by the client, and they are located in the areas you designate. Access to the information systems can be established so that sales and marketing teams can access their information, or any portions of the database, per their authorization codes. Web-enabled applications can be developed to maximize authorized access worldwide. Special customers and distribution channels partners of your company can also be provided access to specific information system modules or applications based upon the authorization level you provide.

The most important thing to remember about the development of information systems is this: Any qualified Class "A" buyer for your organization can be identified and pulled into your sales pipeline. So what is your definition of a Class "A" buyer? How many would you like identified and when? We'll be happy to find them for you. See our Database Development Services section of our Web site for further details about this important service.

Do you provide marketing training? Sales training?

AYes, we train international sales and marketing teams at each level of implementation. Training services represent a significant portion of the Mueller International revenues.
  • For organizations that require training of marketing team members, we provide extensive training in every aspect of the Integrated Sales and Marketing System. The result of this program is increasing the ROI from the investments made in marketing communications programs (both broad-based and tactical).


  • For individuals and organizations focused upon sales, we provide extensive training on sales closing and sales conversion technologies that increase the win rates and shorten the sales cycle time frames.


  • For the team members responsible for the distribution channels, we provide training in channels selection, recruiting, activation, and management.
Our training programs include several modules that can be selected by subject. Customized training programs can be developed and deployed worldwide. The training format includes initial training classes to provide the knowledge base and then ongoing follow-up and interface with individual training participants to ensure that the data is being applied correctly.

For assistance with any aspect of sales or marketing training, complete our Web Response Form.

Who would be assigned to our account?

AMueller International has developed an Account Management System that provides an effective administrative system and set of processes to facilitate the management of client programs and accounts. Each program is assigned a set of team members that are dedicated to the client account. The Account Management team consists of the following expertise groups:
  • Senior Consultants Each project is assigned a team of senior marketing consultants that are technical experts in your industry, products, services, and solutions. This team functions as the key strategic arm in the development of the marketing plans, programs, strategies, and tactics for each client initiative.


  • Market Analysts Each project has a team of market analysts that understand the market, provide additional market research data to validate strategic direction, and provide ongoing analysis and recommendations based upon industry data, trends, and direction.


  • Account Managers Each project is assigned a team of account managers that handle all administrative details connected with a program, including communications, reporting, logistics, scheduling, and the coordination and handling of all planned and ad hoc client requests on a daily basis.


  • Creative Team Each project is assigned a team of creative strategists (the "idea" people): copywriters, and graphic designers. All campaign components, including marketing communications programs, promotions, presentations, collateral, advertising layouts, etc., go through a detailed process of design rendering using the highest quality production standards, using Iris technology. Campaigns are field tested for workability so that all design finalists are proven campaigns that will generate response and achieve client objectives.


  • Information Technology Team Each project is assigned a team of Information Technology (IT) professionals that handle database development, infrastructure development, and programming. In conjunction with the IT setup for a program, each project also has a data entry and proofreading team. The IT department is the backbone of the Integrated Sales and Marketing System, as it provides the framework and repository of all marketing and sales information. This provides a memory that facilitates the optimum strategic planning and implementation tactics for a program.


  • Production Team Each project is assigned a team of delivery personnel that produces the campaigns a production team. For example, a telemarketing program includes Senior Telemarketing Managers, Telemarketing Professionals, and Telecontact Relationship Managers. Each type of direct mail program includes Operations Managers, Supervisors, and Mail Room Production staff. Advertising campaigns include Media Buyers, Media Planners, and a Design team; and so on.
Review information on our Marketing Consulting Services.

Q How long does it take to implement a program? How long before we can have new leads in our pipeline? How long does it take to recruit a sales channel?

AWhen necessary, lead generation can begin within one week. However, we prefer a "Know Before You Go" planning phase where an optimum plan is devised prior to initiating programs.

When the timing is critical, though, and new business opportunities are needed immediately, we implement parallel programs. We begin demand generation to generate Class "A" leads immediately. We simultaneously implement the proper research and planning phase.

For North America, a comprehensive planning process ranges between 4-8 weeks. For a worldwide strategy implemented in Europe, the Pacific Rim, and North America simultaneously, the planning process ranges between 8-12 weeks.

The optimum time for creative development is approximately 4 weeks.

Any program can be accelerated. Let us know your scheduling needs, and we will provide a scheduling recommendation that is appropriate for your business.

Check out our Special Offers. Another good place to begin is with a review of our Marketing Consulting Services.

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